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THE BIG BULL REVIEW: Acting of ABHISHEK BACHCHAN is the life of this film, everyone knows the story of Harshad Mehta



Film – The Big Bull

Artists – Abhishek Bachchan, Ileana Dikruz, Nikita Dutta, Soham Shah, Supriya Pathak, Saurabh Shukla, and Ram Kapoor

Director – Kuki Gulati

Star – 3.5

(The Big Bull Review) A scandal in 1992 created panic in the country. If the secret of the scam was uncovered, then its spillover had fallen on the then Prime Minister. Harshad Mehta was guilty of this scam and revealed the involvement of political personalities in the scam. However, when the matter reached the court, Harshad Mehta could not prove anything. In 1991, Harshad Mehta was called the Big Bull of the stock market. During that time his stories were printed in newspapers and magazines.

How a middle class man started playing in the Arabs, became the largest taxpayer in the country. The story of the same Harshad Mehta is the film ‘The Big Bull’ by Abhishek Bachchchan. The film is being streamed on Disney Hot Star from April 8 at 7 pm. The webseries scam 1992 has also been made on the life of Harshad Mehta. Viewers have also liked the series and appreciated the lead actor Prateik. Ever since Abhishek Bachchan’s film has debated on social media about The Big Bull and Scam 1992. Some people like ‘The Big Bull’ and some scams are 1992’s Murid. We tell you that ‘The Big Bull’ will really become a big film for Abhishek Bachchan or not?

Story – Hemant Shah (Abhishek Bachchan) is a person living in a chawl. The responsibility of the younger brother and mother is on him. At the same time, he wants to marry Priya (Nikita Dutta) living in his chawl but according to the condition of his father, he has to become rich. Hemant’s needs are many, dreams are also very big, but in such a short time, the stock market seems to be the most accurate for earning money fast. Hemant becomes a big broker of the stock market by manipulating. Very soon he becomes the master of luxurious houses and vehicles.


He starts earning crores by using the money of private and public banks and then he becomes a penetration in the world of politics too. When the bank’s crores of rupees disappear, questions start to arise when the journalist Meera Rao falls behind Hemant Shah (Ileana Dikruz) and prints the news of this scam. Then the CBI gets involved in the investigation of the case and raids are started at Hemant Shah’s house office. The CBI arrests him and pursues the case. Then they know what happened in this case. How Harshad Mehta dies behind bars is also shown.

Our opinion – ‘The Big Bull’ may not be a huge hit but Abhishek Bachchan has hit a six in the acting arena. You will remember the Guru Bhai of Mani Ratnam after watching this film. Abhishek’s dialogue delivery, body language, and expressions are amazing. Even if a common viewer is not interested in the story of the stock market, Abhishek in the role of Hemant Shah forces the audience to watch the film carefully. Ileana Dikruz has also done a fantastic job in the role of a journalist.

After Abhishek in the film, he seems to be cementing his place there. Soham Shah is not as effective in the role of Harshad Mehta’s brother. You also remember the characters of Nikita Dutta, Supriya Pathak, Ram Kapoor, and Saurabh Shukla. Talking about directions, Kuki Gulati has done a good job. He has shown the story of Harshad Mehta well in two and a half hours. Many dialogues of the film are superb and narration is also effective. This weekend you can watch The Big Bull sitting at home amidst growing cases of Corona. The film is 3.5 stars from our side.

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Thalaivii Movie Review: Story of ‘Thalaivii’ Jayalalithaa’s journey from cinema to politics



ArtistKangana Ranaut, Arvind Swami. Bhagyashree, Raj Arjun,
Written byK. V. Vijayendra Prasad; Madhan Karky (Tamil); Rajat Arora (Hindi)
Produced byVishnu Vardhan Induri; Shailesh R Singh; Brinda Prasad
DirectorA. L. Vijay
Production; companiesZee Studios; Vibri Motion Pictures; Karma Media And Entertainment;
Star Rating3/5

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Thalaivi‘, which was in the headlines for a long time, is now ready to buzz the theaters. As everyone knows, it is the biopic of Jayalalithaa, a well-known South actress and 6-time CM of Tamil Nadu. The trailer of the film has received a lot of praise and the film also does not disappoint you. Known as Amma for her followers, Amu for her mentor, and Thalaivi (leader) for her party, Kangana proves to be twenty in every layer of Jayalalithaa.

Story: The story of the film takes place at the assembly site of the famous political event when Jayalalithaa (Kangana Ranaut) is humiliated by members of Karuna’s (Nassar) party by abusing her and pulling the pallu of her sari. At that moment, hissing like a hurt serpent, Jayalalithaa challenges that she will return to this assembly as chief minister. The story then goes back to the past, where teenager Jaya tries to become a heroine in films with her mother Sandhya (Bhagyashree) after dropping out of school.

Till the intermission, the story traces the love story of Jaya becoming the heroine of the film and South Superstar MG Ramachandran (Aravind Swamy). Post-interval, the story depicts Jayalalithaa’s rise to the political arena as Amma and rise to the top. In this story Jayalalithaa’s journey from floor to Arsh. It is a depiction of a woman’s self-respect and malevolent mindset, in which Jayalalithaa has to face constant inferiority and hindrance not only in films but also in a political career, but how she holds the strings of her selfless love on the strength of her passion on the CM’s chair. sits on.

Review: There is no doubt that director Vijay has portrayed this legendary character as larger than life on screen as well. Everyone knows that Jayalalithaa, known as the Amma of Tamil Nadu, has been embroiled in allegations of corruption and controversies throughout her political career, but as filmmakers often do, she avoids depicting controversial aspects while making a biopic. Here too the director did the same. All his emphasis was on the pure love story of MGR and Jayalalithaa and then on the climax of her political career.


The director has expedited the developments of the story. They capture the backdrop of the 80s-90s perfectly. Political rallies and crowd scenes during MGR’s death have become powerful. A lot of dialogue has been kept in the film to empower Kangana’s character. You also remember some dialogues. Vijendra Prasad’s music disappoints. The casting of the film is strong and Neeta Lulla’s costumes prove to be helpful in depicting that era.

Acting: When you see Kangana as Jayalalithaa on screen, you get an idea why Kangana would have been the filmmaker’s first choice for this character. Kangana has given a power-packed performance as Jayalalithaa. Be it the lightness of Kishori Jaya or the fierce form of Amma, Kangana plays every layer very well. She roars like a lioness to protect her self-esteem and shows a selfless love for her lover.

Her knotted blouse, Gaudi makeup, floral embellished hairstyle, and body language beautifully embodies the South heroine of the 70-80s. Arvind Swami has supported him a lot in the form of MGR. They bring MGR to life on screen. Nassar has been doing well in the role of Karunanidhi, but his part did not get much screen space. Raj Arjun as MGR’s colleague RMV has proved to be the surprise package of the film. His strong acting is the plus point of the film. Bhagyashree plays her role beautifully in the role of Kangana’s mother. Madhu is seen in the small role of MGR’s wife. The supporting cast is according to the story.

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Chehre Movie Review: ‘Chehre’ stuck in Amitabh Bachchan’s overacting, weak film on a good story



ArtistAmitabh Bachchan, Rhea Chakraborty, Raghuveer Yadav, Emraan Hashmi, and Annu Kapoor
AuthorRanjit Kapoor and Rumi Jaffrey
DirectorRumi Jaffrey
CreatorRumi Jaffrey

Rating: 2 out of 5.


Rumi Jaffrey has been a big name in Hindi cinema as a writer. In the last three decades, he has been a part of many superhit films. All these hit films have been remakes of super hit films of the South. Dialogue writing is his specialty. His history of screenwriting has not been that fascinating. The film ‘Chehre’ is his fourth film as a director.


Rumi Jaffrey has been a big name in Hindi cinema as a writer. In the last three decades, he has been a part of many superhit films. All these hit films have been remakes of super hit films of the South. Dialogue writing is his specialty. His history of screenwriting hasn’t been that fascinating. The film ‘Chehre‘ is his fourth film as a director. He has previously directed films like ‘Gali Gali Chor Hai’, ‘Life Partner’ and ‘God Tussi Great Ho. Some six years ago he also wrote a film ‘Do Chehre’, although it has nothing to do with the film ‘Chehre‘.

The original story of the film ‘Chehre’ is Ranjit Kapoor, Rumi Jaffrey has adapted it according to his film. In the last one and a half years, there has been a lot of change in the interests of the audience during the impact of the corona infection on the entertainment world. He doesn’t even like average movies anymore. The reason for bringing the audience to the theatres now can only be such films that have something that they cannot feel on their smart TVs. The film ‘Chehre’ is a pseudo courtroom drama film with full emphasis on its dialogues. Instead of a film, this story seems to be a drama of theatre, and this is its weakest link.

The story of the film ‘Chehre‘ slowly tries to make its grip on the audience. The CEO of a big company takes a shortcut to reach Delhi. His car breaks down in a snowstorm and he has to take shelter in a deserted mansion. There is a retired judge in the haveli. There is a hangman. There are two lawyers.

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There is a young man who has returned after serving a sentence. And, there is also a young woman doing household chores for them. Everyone’s stories have met at some crossroads in the past and together they play a game of law with the strangers who come to the mansion. They record it in the CCTV camera and also chase the people who run away from here till the end.


The story of the film ‘Chehre’ is interesting. But, the tight script that should have been written on this story could not be done. The premise of the film’s story is well woven here. It also arouses curiosity about what is going to happen next. But when the audience has completely focused on the story, the film starts playing games with them. Flashbacks show the CEO’s extramarital affair, then the matter seems to be a repeat of Emraan Hashmi’s old films and the film also starts falling apart from here.

As a director, Rumi Jaffrey has been trying to make different types of cinema time and again. For this, he should also get praise but he is probably unaware of the changing tastes of the audience in the changing times. If he starts interacting with the younger audience of the current generation, it can help them improve their cinema. His direction is like the old school of cinema. The novelty is completely missing in the film ‘Chehre’. The audience has also seen Amitabh Bachchan in a similar character in ‘Badla’ and ‘Pink’.

The film ‘Chehre’ tries to show its weight in terms of acting. The magic of Amitabh Bachchan’s voice is in it from the first frame to the last frame. In the title sequence, shot under the direction of Kookie Gulati, Amitabh Bachchan tries his best to woo the audience in his magic but Amitabh Bachchan misses out on his natural performance here.

He seems to be acting excessively on screen and the viewer does not even see his character, only Amitabh Bachchan is seen there. The long dialogues spoken in the climax of Amitabh Bachchan dressed in a Latif Zaidi cloak make good use of his acting ability and his voice, but they do not entertain the audience, rather they add to the tension of watching the film.

Annu Kapoor’s performance in the rest of the film ‘Chehre’ is amazing. He gets into his character as a defense lawyer very easily. His style of speaking helps a lot in making his character strong. Emraan Hashmi has also done well here. But as soon as the story goes into flashbacks, the memories of his earlier films start fresh in the mind of the audience and the film falters the most because of these flashbacks.

The absence of Rhea Chakraborty in the film doesn’t make much difference. She has also not been able to do acting properly. Yes, Krystle D’Souza definitely managed to leave the impression of her intoxicating and seductive acting. There is nothing to do in the film for Raghuveer Yadav and Siddhant Kapoor, both of them could have supported the film if their characters had been shown with a little background.

Technically also the film ‘Chehre’ is a weak film. The special effects used in the film are also average. Especially in the climax, the snow-crushing scene is very poorly shot. Yes, cinematographer Binod Pradhan has excelled in the combination of lighting in the courtroom scenes. He has also done amazing camera placement in a limited area set but is weak in film editing.

Bodhaditya Banerjee has kept the film close to two hours but with tighter editing, this film could have been a better 90-minute film. There is no special scope of music in the film and the songs cannot be remembered even after watching the film. Overall, the film ‘Chehre’ is a good experiment in terms of content but its narrative is weak.

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TANDAV REVIEW: Interesting characters and superb acting, Tandav web series show the dark truth of politics



Web Series Review: Tandav

Star Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover, Mohammad Zeeshan Ayub, Tigmanshu Dhulia

Director: Ali Abbas Zaffar

OTT Platform: Amazon Prime Video

Episode: 9/Episode/ Time – 40 Minutes

Rating: 3/5

The dark color of politics shows ‘Tandav‘. Cheating at every step, the murderous conspiracy for the chair is full of greed, hatred, and jealousy, Ali Abbas Zafar’s infidelities. The series claims to show today’s politics. The story also includes allegations of right-wing power and discrimination against minorities, casteism, the peasant movement, and the Independence Gang of the University. 

The political drama Tandav has been streamed on Amazon Prime Video since January 15. There is an army of stars in the series. The lead characters are played by Saif Ali Khan, Sunil Grover, Zeeshan Ayub, and Dimple Kapadia.

Story – Jan Lok Dal is a right-wing party. It is on the verge of victory for the third time in a row and Devaki Nandan (Tigmanshu Dhulia) is ready to become Prime Minister again. He dies suspiciously before the election results are out. After the demise of Devaki Nandan, there is talk of his son Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan) becoming the PM, but only then he is played with. Devki Nandan’s close Anuradha Kishore Samar understands Pratap’s tricks and then blackmails her, so Samar has to give up the claim of PM.

After this, there is upheaval not only between the opposition and the opposition but also between the Jan Lok Dal party. Many contenders stand for the Prime Minister’s chair. Gopal Das Mishra (Qumood Mishra), close to his father, also does not have the confidence of Samar. Samar does not give up in this race, after all, he is also a vicious player of politics. Samar’s close Gurpal (Sunil Grover) supports him, meanwhile, Shiva Shekhar (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub), a young student leader of Vivekananda National University, supports the peasant movement and then becomes popular. In such a situation, Shiva turns Shekhar on his side to gain power… But among all his opponents, does his dream of becoming PM be fulfilled?


Our Views – Ali Abbas Zafar is the director. He has composed Tandav with Hindi cinema’s Kalevar. The series has many twists and turns. The beginning of the story of Tandav seems to be slow because, for three episodes, all the characters are introduced. At the same time, it seems like a documentary.

The pace is slow at the beginning that later you enjoy watching the show. You have to be patient to watch 9 episodes of Beviseries. The screenplay is excellent but the focus is not on the dialogue. Now, let’s talk about acting. Talking about Saif Ali Khan, he has won hearts in the role of a consummate and power-hungry son. They always outnumber everyone in a dark character. 

Sunil Grover has also done amazing work in the role of his close. At the same time, Dimple Kapadia has made a strong presence in the crowd of stars. Zeeshan Ayub is a good actor and his work in Tandav is also fantastic. If you are interested in politics, then check out this weekend The Oval All is good, if seen. 3 stars from ‘The Cinema Blogs’.

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