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5 OBVIOUS beauty tricks will make eyes look Bigger, brighter and more polished



Just a few easy changes in your beauty pattern will give you those big bunny eyes you’ve always hope for!
5 OBVIOUS beauty tricks by The Cinema Blogs
5 OBVIOUS beauty tricks will make eyes look bigger, brighter and more polished

Everybody from Bollywood Celebrities to Disney Princesses have one thing in common – when they glam up, they have big, doe eyes that attract all the surveillance. People with bigger eyes are often recognized to look younger, making big eyes are extremely advantageous. The best part? Big, doe eyes are easily attainable thanks to a few obvious tricks and hacks.

Beautify the shape of eyes with natural make-up

When applying make-up to big eyes, the goal is not to magnify its size, but rather maintain its natural beauty. If you want natural make-up and your eyes to stand out, you can choose for eye shadows in soft tones with a touch of brightness to illuminate.

Smoothen things out

Puffy and ignite eyes defeat the purpose. For a smooth start and to calm any swelling or puffiness, apply some ice around the area to cool things down and to reduce the swelling. Eye pads also help achieve the same purpose.

Erase dark circles

Dark circles are known to make the eyes appear smaller. Apply the concealer and foundation well under and on your eyelids the skin tone and get rid of the spot. Make sure you blend it carefully so that there is no whitewash and form a uniform base.

Tighten line your eyes

Just like one applies kajal on the lower lash line, pull up your lashes and apply a coat of liner or kohl on the upper waterline instead. It will enhance your lashesh and eyes, making them appear larger than they actually are.

Written by: Ronit Raj | Jaipur

Lighten the lower waterline

Fill in your lower waterline with a nude or watercolour for an illusion of bigger eyes. A lighter colour will
instantly open up the eyes, brighten them and make them appear larger. 

Smoke eye makeup for a night look

On the other hand, dark tones and matty eye shadows are perfect for balancing the size of your eye with your other facial features and make your eyes stand out. We recommend making the effect of smoky eyes with earth tones and bronzes that will help you look and highlight the natural colour of your eyes. Also, apply shade along lower lashes for a more intense look. 

Written by: Ronit Raj | Jaipur

Apply mascara to the upper lashes   


Apply mascara to the upper lashes by The Cinema Blogs
Photo: Shutterstock

Finally, apply a good layer of mascara on the upper lashes to finish the look. Avoid applying on the lower lashes if you do not want your eyes twice their size.
Some helpful making tips:
  •  Apply white shade to the moving eyelid
  •  Lighten the tear duct
  •  Apply white or beige eyeliner to the waterline  


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Final Steps

The most obvious final steps to give your eyes the boost they need is to first curl your lashes. They give an illusion of larger, more rounded bunny eyes. For a further boost, two coats of mascara will only highlight your lashesh further, brighten up your eyes and give them a doe-eyed finish. 

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