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Priya Gautam – Create your Fashion Personality Board



To all the girls & women that fashion is not just an elite or a rich person’s cup of coffee. Even if you don’t have access to the biggest of brands and can’t afford to go around shopping every week from high street brands or designer brands, it’s okay! You can still look stylish and treat yourself to the latest trends by not making a hole in your pocket. My blog promotes affordable fashion, as it’s not important to spend thousands of rupees on looking good.

Lots of people have asked about my personal style so I am putting together a few ideas to vigorous your inner soul. My style is versatile. Earlier, I was an introvert in fashion. I would only do a certain kind of fashion but now, I’m so proud to be doing everything from street to chic to boho to classy to quirky to ethnic to punk rock to almost anything and everything.

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You name it and I will be down to do it! I believe experimentation is important to break away from being termed as boring and monotonous. Anything boring and repetitive ends soon. And I am here to stay. I am here to stay for a really really long time!

A personality board is a great way to work towards developing your personal style

– Collect images – Look for inspiration online, on social media, and in magazines, and save the images you find most striking. Once you’ve gathered your fashion inspiration, compile the images into a personality board. You can combine photos into a physical collage or add them to a digital folder on your computer or phone.


– Look for themes – Gather your images together and try to find common themes. Even if your inspiration feels all over the place, you might discover that a lot of your models are wearing denim jeans, a lot of them are wearing dresses, a lot of them are wearing tops—that’s still an overarching vibe or mood that you’re going for.

– Narrow down your options – Don’t overwhelm yourself. Choose two or three images that exemplify the aesthetic of the group, and keep those images on your phone so that you can look at them when you’re out shopping.

– Make different boards for different looks – You might find you need multiple mood boards. You can organize your mood boards according to season (“fall outfit ideas,” “winter outfits,” “spring dresses”) or by occasion (“workwear,” “special events”) or even by different fashion trends you want to try.

Try to experiment, as this is the time of your lives that will never come back! Make every day more fun by trying new things and working on trends but at the same time, stick to being comfortable and easy-going, otherwise, it’s likely to ruin your look!

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India’s Best Dancer 2: Manish Paul is ready to host the show, said – I can never get tired of hosting or anchoring the show



Manish Paul is all set to host the second season of ‘India’s Best Dancer’. During a conversation in an interview, he said that I can never get tired of hosting or anchoring the show. Manish, who has been hosting the show for over a decade, replaced Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa, who had anchored it in the first season. Malaika Arora, Terence Lewis, and Geeta Kapoor are judging the show.

Manish loves the concept of the show

Manish says, “As a host, it gives me immense pleasure not only to be surrounded by such diverse talent but to be a part of their journey. The first season of ‘India’s Best Dancer’ was incredible and I wanted to join the team. Can’t wait for the next season to raise the level of entertainment even more. I love the concept of the show. I think dance is a very expressive art and when it comes to expressing oneself There should be no limit to this.”


Manish can never get tired of hosting or anchoring the show

Manish further adds, “I love hosting shows and the audience has been very kind to me. I am focusing on films because that is also something I am passionate about. I am passionate about hosting or anchoring shows. I can never get tired because it has given me a lot of work and new opportunities.”

Manish will be anchoring the second season of the show. The first season was anchored by Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachiyaa. Bharti is currently anchoring ‘Dance Deewane 3’ with her husband Harsh Limbachiyaa.

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Short Film ‘Decision’ Directed by Grish Majethiya Now Streaming On MX Player & Hungama Play



Decision is a Hindi language drama short film. It gives an important message to the youth about mental health. The film is about a college student Ashutosh who is working on a new scientific invention that can Change The Entire World. His mentor Akash always guides & motivates him whenever he is stuck somewhere. Finally, after 3 years of hard work and dedication, Ashutosh succeeds in his invention but nature wants to test him one last time! Will he take the right decision?

The short film ‘Decision‘ wins the Join Film Short Film Contest 2020, it is also selected in the top 100 films among 38,000 filmmakers from 332 cities and 19 countries! It was telecasted on MTV India on 7th Feb 2021. This short film was made in only 50 hours, right from the story-script, shooting, editing, music everything in only 50 hours for a film festival called 50 Hours Filmmaking Challenge Season X by India Film Project on 27th & 28th September 2020 during the Lockdown. The film is also recognized in various film festivals including Aao Short Film Festival, First Time Filmmakers Session, Lift-Off Sessions, Kalamkari Film Festival, and more.

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What makes a better short film or how much possibility do I have to watch the film again? I would say 95%. I will explain it in a brief way. There are six elements that make a short film complete

1. Character: There is always one character to focus on. we don’t have enough time to fully flesh out two characters. The film “Decision has one protagonist Ashutosh to focus on.

2. Goal-In a short film the goal is what is the protagonist trying to do. what visible goal does he have? In the film, Ashutosh’s goal was to be successful.

3. Excitement-why we want to watch the film? what makes it different? The challenge of making the film in 50 hours and its credibility make the film “Decision” different.


4. Climax- Climax is mainly the breaking point, the big action, the “decision” it makes. In this film climax is the most important part in my opinion.

5. Resolution or Learning- Learning through a film is like what audiences get from this experience. Was it worthless or did it cause something to change? This film carries a great message in the climax.

6. Theme-The theme has to be one basic word that can wrap around the whole story. The film “Decision “covers every single element with an outstanding performance.   

Grish Majethiya

The film is directed & written by 16 years old school student Grish Majethiya from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. He said the first challenge that came was of team members, I was alone and had zero budget for this film as I’m still a school-going kid. I tried a lot to find people interested to work together, few were not in the same location, few were busy with other work, but finally, the team was ready! And the team gave their best in such a short time! Grish added that throughout the journey of an actor, the interest in Making Film grew up in his mind. The first time when this thought came into his mind was in class 10th when he was reading a story in his English TextBook, he thought what if there was a short film on the story of the chapter. This is when he started his own productions company ‘GM Productions‘.

The short film is streaming on multiple OTT platforms across the world including MX Player, Hungama Play, Nuella TV, Shorted, AaoNxt, Miniflix, FilmDoo, Short Fundly, Mowgli Baba, MovieWood & Fillum App.

The film is rated 9.5/10 on IMDb and is receiving tremendous love from the audience.

I would rate it 8.5/10 keeping various aspects in mind.

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Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah: After Munmun Dutta, Raj Anadkat reacted to the news of dating



After Munmun Dutta, Raj Anadkat has given his reaction to the news of dating. In the past, there were reports of the dating of these two co-stars of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Raj plays the role of Tappu and Munmun Babita Iyer in the show. Reacting to the news of his dating with Munmun, Raj wrote a post on social media.

He wrote, “To all those who are constantly writing about me, think for once about the consequences that can happen because of your fabricated news without my consent.” My request to all those creative people is that if you put your creativity elsewhere, then it will prove to be helpful for you. May God grant them wisdom.

Munmun Dutta also scolded media-trollers

Earlier, Munmun Dutta had expressed his anger on social media for his name being associated with Raj. He wrote, “Media and Journalists with zero credibility. Who has given you the freedom to publish such imaginary things about someone’s private life and that too without their consent? This bad behavior of yours destroys the image in front of you.” Damage happens, will you be responsible for that? You don’t leave even the woman who lost her love or lost her son sometime back for TRP. You will go to any level to create sensational news at the cost of someone’s dignity You may fall, but can you take the responsibility of ruining their life? If not, you should be ashamed of yourself.”


After this Munmun wrote, “For all the common people, I had much better expectations from you but the filth that you people have spread in the comment section, even by the so-called educated people, it shows how backward thinking in the society. Jeete hai hum. Just for your enjoyment, women are constantly humiliated for their age and relationships. Even if a person is in a state of mental breakdown in the pursuit of your pleasure. People of the past 13 years I am entertaining, but people did not take 13 minutes to hurt my dignity. So next time someone is so depressed who wants to take his own life, then stop and think once whether your words will take him towards the end or not. Today I am ashamed to call myself the daughter of India.”

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