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How to get audition details | 5 Sources for online audition

If you are an actor and nowadays a lot of opportunities have opened up for actors…Because of online auditions, if you live in a village, in a city, in a town, it doesn’t matter, you can give an audition from your home. But it should clearly know that where the audition is happening…and this thing you never know.

Online casting
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Written by: Ronit Raj | Jaipur

Today we are going to tell you five sources to get audition details from which you will surely know that the auditions are being held at the place. So that you can become a successful actor by giving audition at the right time. Today’s topic is very interesting for all actors. If you really want to know that which are the sources from which you will know that the auditions are happening at where. You are at the damn right place. Here we go to tell you Five Sources.


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As we all know Facebook is a very popular social site. It is also used as professionally and if we talk about our auditions you will not believe that 250-300 groups are available on Facebook, where you can get to know about casting calls. Whether you are in Mumbai, in Delhi, in Calcutta, or anywhere it doesn’t matter. You can get information if you are foreign too.

So what you have to do – Go to Facebook Application or Website and select search bar and select groups on it and you will search auditions or casting calls, first if you search this, then you will find many groups related to the same. 

Then whenever the casting coordinator or casting director post audition details or casting details that you will automatically get the notification of details of the auditions from the group. So this is a very simple and easy method you will surely try for this.

Written by: Ronit Raj | Jaipur

2. Instagram

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Instagram is also one of the best social sites which are used professionally. Why we recommend Instagram? Because nowadays so many casting coordinators and casting directors have opened their account on Instagram and using it for their work mean they are posting all information related to auditions and casting call details.

You can go and follow them. Check their profile page and get benefit from it. Whenever they will be do casting, they need a new face for their project, they post all information on their pages and you will know about it.

3. Whatsapp Groups

Whtasapp Groups
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If you are from Mumbai, there are a lot of Whatsapp groups from in Mumbai which is made by casting coordinator and casting directors about auditions, so you can join them.
Now how will you know about them? To find them, you have to visit their social pages like Facebook, Instagram, Etc. 

Some Whatsapp groups are also paid. If it is paid you can five a small amount, but first, find out about and research well on google and on other sources. If you feel that it is right for your work, and give them a small charge only. Do not give any large amount at all.

Written by: Ronit Raj | Jaipur

4. Websites

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Such websites are available on Google which gives you the audition and casting details. Here we providing you two – three websites which help you to get audition information properly. You can easily check out this:

  • CINTAA  


CINTAA Institute
CINTAA – Photo: Social Media


NatakCrew – Photo: Social Media



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Today all the work has started from applications. There are so many applications of different types. But, you DON’T Know that there is also an application that helps to find your nearby audition and casting details. Here we recommend you 10 Apps, which absolutely help you for the same.

  • audition
  • Backstage Casting
  • Rehearsal Pro 
  • Table read
  • Scene Partner
  • My Lines 
  • IMDb
  • My headshots
  • Storyist
  • Slatable
Check out these 10 fantastic apps for actors and let us know your favorites!  

Written by: Ronit Raj | Jaipur

So, Guys, We hope you all get very kind information from this Blog. Don’t forget to check out more blogs.

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